This is a website solely dedicated to the purpose of edifying the Body of Christ on earth today, to serve and partake of the Life of the Lord Jesus Christ at the table of the Father in Heaven, God Almighty. Thus, it requires all editors, authors, contributors, subscribers and readers to offer and receive these contents with propriety, reverence, purity, dedication, thanksgiving and the fear of the Lord.


Here is a list of a few “rules” or ”regulations” concerning the site, which will be binding to editors, authors, contributors, subscribers, readers and other members of this site:


Everything on this website is free. Freely is every offering given and freely will be the partaking as long as the Lord Jesus Christ’s name is honored, cherished, and loved, There will be no copyright issues in the reproduction or transfer of content from this site, as long as the content is kept intact and credit and notice is duly given to the relevant authors. Reprinting, copying and sharing of content with individuals or organizations for non-profit purposes, in any format, through any media channel, is more than welcomed. We would be very encouraged if you do so. However, publishing of the site\’s content without an author’s permission using any form of publication is not permitted. NO publication or reproduction of the content of this site is permitted for profit or financial gain, in any form, using any channel. This site will NOT permit the publishing or propagation of any content or contribution that resmallsents any form of sale or advertisement of profit-related contents or links, personal or organizational, including written material like books, newsletters or magazines for which there is a financial charge or subscription free. THERE WILL BE NO ONLINE TRANSACTIONS, EITHER ON THIS SITE OR RELATING TO ANY CONTENT FROM THIS SITE. Any financial contribution, or help of any kind to individuals or organizations cannot be facilitated via this site for any reason whatsoever. We are not responsible for collecting, notifying, resmallsenting, or acting in any role for any other party with matters aforementioned.


Authors contributing to this site will automatically waiver their right to profit for material published and relinquish copyright to this site. Readers of and subscribers to this site are granted free use of the content offered on this site (see point 1). Authorship will be duly honored and credited in the content published on this site, including contributions submitted.With respect to the contributed content, the responsibility for accrediting and verifying authorship will solely rest on the party or person who contributed them. Authors are free to publish their content using other means or through other channels, and are encouraged to share anything shared on this site with others. Authors who want to publish content already published on this site in other places, using other means, who require exclusive copyright, are free to withdraw their content from the site with due notice to the management/editorial team of the site. Content will be withdrawn by the editorial team within three months of being notified by an author. 


Authors and editors contribute to this site by invitation only. Editors enjoy the absolute right to edit, monitor, retrieve or withdraw ant content from the site, with honor and respect, good heart and order, coordinating closely and responsibly with the relevant contributor. This site is open to the public; any person is eligible to subscribe to the content of this site, subject to the terms and conditions listed . All relevant laws and regulations of the United States of America apply.


Please be duly notified that all content on this site will be published or withdrawn at the discretion of its editorial and management team. The editorial and/or site management team will not be legally bound for any content of this site in any form by any nationality, under publication law, civil law or copyright regulation for whatever reason, except those that are applicable to public content publishing in the United States of America .


Even though the site is registered under the domain name www.kingdomorg.org, there is no organization established with this name. The site is managed by a team of volunteers who love the Lord Jesus Christ who wish to advance His purpose in the midst of His people and those who seek Him as their Savior and Lord. The setup and maintenance of this site is non-profit and volunteer-based. There is no guarantee or promise, whatsoever, for the safety or smallservation of the content published on or contributed to this site, nor do we have any responsibility to store or retrieve content, or respond to requests to do so. We will endeavor, however, to back up and archive site content using other means as well. We will try to assist relevant parties to assimilate and retrieve content for or from the site, acceding to certain requests on the basis of personal agreement or private assistance. 


No political or religious creed or doctrine will be binding to this site, or its contents. Content will be published as long as its considered by the editorial team to be in conformity with the Teachings of Jesus Christ in the Holy Bible. However, any content that the editorial team deem as dishonoring their Lord Jesus Christ and their God, the Father in Heaven, or non-beneficial to the users of this site will not be allowed.


No controversial argument is encouraged on this site. The forums set up here will be regulated under the terms and conditions specifically defined for them. Please be very clear about this: no controversial or confrontational argument or exchange is encouraged in any way and on any part of this site, be it political, religious, or otherwise. The editorial team has the exclusive and full right to monitor, edit, delete, or withdraw the concerned content off this site at any time without the permission of the author or contributor.


Moderation and management of the forums will be subject to its own terms and rules, under the guidance and management of the editorial team of this site.

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