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      Immanuel Sun

      Below is my discussion today with Sister Nicole. I think it might offer some insight for better spiritual communications and how to engage different topics in the practice of discipleship. Hope I don’t sound out of place by addressing such a topic. 🙂

      Notice I corrected some of my typos and did some minor edits after copying the conversation here.

      On how to engage a complicated topic and other matters


      Good morning. I have a question. As I am looking into things I believe are lead by the Lord, I find myself with questions about the word or meaning of the world Realm. I see it only a few times. 1. Realm of the dead, seemingly translated as hell 2. Realm of darkness and 3. Heavenly realms translated Heavenly places. The last one I only found to be located in Ephesians. I just don’t see a lot about it or anything crossing over into other books of the Bible in regards to “Heavenly realms” yet it seems as though I’m meant to understand. I just don’t see it much in scripture so there isn’t a lot for me to reference to or expound my understanding. Any thoughts? Thank you:)

      Sorry I did see very few scriptures of the realm of the flesh, Spirit, and physical kingdoms.


      That’s a lot to discuss and certainly, a short message would not do. But let me try:

      Realms – realities – graces or glories of life – order or government.

      There are basically two sets of them: of darkness and death under the government of Satan, and of light and life under the government of God.

      The word or term is just different languages or expressions to describe or portray different realities. “The realities in Christ” or “the glories that are yet to come”. Obviously, the plurals here can be confusing to a mind informed by normal Christianity esp Protestant traditions, to whom the reality of Christ should universal and the glory of God is one and the same. The reason is their framework of understanding often is based on theories or conceptual imaginations, rather than on living experiences or real knowledge.

      Yet such invisible and complex experiences of us as a natural man even endowed with some spiritual faculties to detect, or even active, in such realms are often blurred and fractured ones. So there are many confusions caused by human records or our limited experiences or comprehension.

      And God made it so for us. There are things that are meant not to be known or released for this current age. Paul understood this very well, which shared with him very expressively on different occasions. So are the teachings of the Lord Himself.

      I don’t want you to misunderstand me as of what are you led by the Lord to know is a wrong pursuit. Quite to the contrary, I think it is a great education in the Lord. I would like to go thru it with you if you have time.

      Recently, I was introduced to a book titled “The Heavenly Realms”, a book that seems to me again is mostly based on studying the Bible with an academic approach, like fixing a puzzle game. Unfortunately, the fixed puzzle pieces themselves are just shadows or projections of another reality. So one claims he really knows the mystery of such reality that the puzzle pictured, he is hugely mistaken, especially when the puzzle of a fractured or limited picture of what is not necessarily true or full, to begin with. And it can be very unhelpful if our way of piecing things together can be the problem itself.

      There are two ways to learn anything: by the mind – mental ascension; or by divine enabling – spiritual impartation or endowment.

      What I am concerned and am often troubled by is the undisciplined ways of inquisitive and intelligent people trying to go beyond their measure of true knowledge to present to others opinions or ideas otherwise. The pride of life really is the bad seed the Devil sowed in the heart of the Adamic race-the quest of the fruits from the tree of knowledge of good and evil (judgment or counsel of God yet not allowed or prepared for a man to attain unto with the proper season of spiritual discipline or genuine discipleship -added and edited when posting here). As Paul put it, knowledge puffs one up. This often starts with an unbridled human tendency to want to “know”, yet slow to LEARN. To practice and be fruitful with what we know is often the greatest stumbling block for those who know too much for their own good.

      Sorry for being critical. But unfortunately, this is yet sore spot of mine.:)

      We can talk more when talking on the phone.

      (By the way, for now, pls refrain from relaying my discussions with you on such matters to anyone else. It would not be wise for us to get into unproductive discussions, even arguments with others, when we don’t even shared the basics of concepts or enjoy mutual understandings of spiritual context. )


      Yes! I am very respectful of your time and wisdom with the understanding that it is not mine to share with others. That belongs to the Lord:)

      Immanuel Sun:

      Let us spend some solid time discussing some fundamentals. I believe you will be greatly benefited by it and will be able to understand me better in my way of thinking and dispense spiritual or life counsel or teachings to others.

      Your framework of fellowship or engaging with me certainly is yet to tuned up to where Tim, Rachael, etc of those are with me for a while paid a good effort to acquire..:) via versa. 🙂

      Nicole Lacasse:

      Great, thank you so much for your guidance!

      Nicole Lacasse:

      I didn’t understand the last sentence about the framework?

      Immanuel Sun:

      That is my point. Let us spend some SOLID time on it. None can have it without basic education and some solid practice.

      Nicole Lacasse:

      Oh OK! Perfect, looking forward to it!

      Immanuel Sun:

      You obviously are not quite aware of it as yet. :) it is unspoken by lived out by some of us in our midst. Make sense to you? .:)

      # On the topic of communication:


      Also, take a bit to formulate your questions thru email or using the proper forum on the KA site instead for more engaging spiritual conversations.

      In order to be effective with communication, the tools or ways we use eventually matters a great deal. Confusions and miscommunications are often the results of our casual attitude or approach on matters actually that very much require a solid even formal approach.

      Message tools as wonderful and useful as they are. For me, they are not the proper tools and ways for spiritual communication.

      I highly encourage you to start to use the forums to carry out if the topic is open to the public. Emails if the matter is private. Phone and chat time certainly is more effective for other proper occasions.

      This will give us some basic discipline on knowing how to formulate questions and how to offer understandings or counsels.

      One of the great benefits is actually for us to be able to review, especially in the long run, to learn from our past and continue on deeper and richer revelations.

      3:33. I will use this occasion to initiate some content on the forum for a great purpose how to be effective with spiritual discussions in the practice of discipleship.

      As to the topic itself, I will elaborate more when we chat. Hope I did not confuse you. I will explain more by then.

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